I can't say enough good things about Brett Prime and his company. In the past couple of years, Aspire has done a wide variety of jobs for us, ranging from redoing our master bathroom and our back deck, to helping us troubleshoot issues with our generator and even our internet. They are always available, and Brett has even come to our house in person on short notice. He is smart, efficient, and careful to leave the construction area as clean as possible. He is more than reliably honest -- he goes beyond that for us, helping us make informed decisions about all of the aspects of our projects. It's been great knowing Brett, and a pleasure to recommend him.



Brett Prime is the man that stands behind his work. Contact Brett and he will take you through the steps as though he was doing the construction work for himself. He answers all your questions until he is satisfied you understand what is involved with the work, eg., time, costs, permits, impact of work on your home life, clean up, etc. This all leads to the excellent job completed. He spends time researching products for the job so they are perfect fit for you. Brett and his crew have completed several jobs at my home from big to small - including renovation of an original bathroom in a house built in the 50’s; design and construction of a pergola to cover my outdoor kitchen; and renovation of a bedroom closet complete with built in cabinets. I highly recommend his company, Aspire, because of the the energy and expertise he brings to his work.



With Aspire, all work was completed on time and on budget. From the initial planning stages, throughout the length of the job, they went above and beyond to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it. Our home was protected from the typical filth of construction: floors were protected, dust barriers were adhered throughout the house, and at the end of each day the house was cleaned. At the conclusion of the job there was no outstanding "punch list" of items that remained to be completed. We are very happy with Aspire and would recommend them highly.